This is the House that Faith, Hope and Love Will Re-Build

Fundraiser Info


(Before picture taken of the Van Winkle home.  Their home is completely inhabitable and not salvageable due to toxic mold growth)

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Money Donations:


29.00 (act of kindness from barista)

1,600.00 (Van Winkle Family suspended mortgage payment)

736.00 (Van Winkle Family extra side work/jobs)

This Fundraiser is for rebuilding our house that has been lost to toxic mold. We have lost everything we mown inside the house and have also suffered some serious medical issues.   I will be posting updates here often as the campaign goes on.  Please check back frequently for updates, pictures and hopefully videos soon!

For more in depth information on how they got to where they are now, please visit this blog post here for their complete story.


**UPDATE** (1-23-17) I spoke with the director of Habitat for Humanity and they unfortunately will not be able to help. Do to the way they are set up, and because the South Sound Habitat For Humanity has elected to not become part of the Connecting Chapter the Director is over.  Please keep praying!  We are still waiting to hear back from Rebuilding Together.

**UPDATE** (1-23-17) The Bank that holds the mortgage for the Van Winkles home has agreed to put the home into the disaster relief program!  This is a huge answer to prayers!  Now some work can actually start taking place on the home such as emptying it out and paying for dumpster fees.  There is one more hurdle that needs to be passed.  A letter has to be sent in proving to the bank that the house is not habitable.  The Van Winkles have reached out to some government agencies, their insurance company, and inspectors to get this under way. Please pray it can all be done in a timely manner. Once the bank agrees then the house can be torn down. So this is vital.

**UPDATE** (1-24-2017) I spoke with Rebuilding Together Thurston County today and they will be presenting our case again to the board members with our plan. We are really praying and hoping that they will allow us to attach their name to our need!  If this is possible then any pledged money fundraised or any donations of supplies etc. will be donated to them as the backing charity.  My idea is to have an account for the Van Winkle family where the donations can be kept separate.  And then if our target goals are not reached by pledges and we can’t move forward with the demolition and rebuild than any donations in that account can then be re-allocated to other projects Rebuilding Together will be taking on this year to help many other needy families in Thurston County.  Please Pray!  If they back us then I just know this will be possible!  They would be able to provide a secure avenue for donations and volunteers for our project!

**UPDATE** (1-26-2017)  Today has been a very very hard day.  Rebuilding Together Thurston County called and backed out, not giving us the time we were hoping to have us come up with enough support like they had mentioned.  Their director as decided that even though our need pulls are their heart strings they don’t want to be involved in such a big project because they don’t want others coming to them for help with big projects in the future.  Further talks with Wells Fargo has also not gone as well as hoped.  Our County does not have a government agency or inspector anymore that labels homes not habitable or condemned, and yet while we qualify for their disaster relief program they won’t sign off on us rebuilding the home unless we have a letter from the city saying the home is not habitable. Today they confirmed that they will not accept a letter from our mold inspector or our doctor for this.  They want us to supply that info to the city and have them make the judgement call.  Except we have nobody to submit it to.  If anyone has any leads of who we can call, who I can go talk to, please tell me! We only have 60 days to begin work on our house so we don’t get removed rom the disaster relief program, but they wont sign off on us being able to start the work.  I think I might need to find a lawyer to communicate with the bank now.  First we have to build a complete turn key ready home before we can remove this one….to now, a letter from a branch of government that doesn’t exist…oh and they also told me that because insurance wont cover it that must mean we don’t have any property loss.  I think they should come out and inspect the house themselves.  but they don’t do that.

Moving forward we are now looking for another company, or non-profit, or church that will accept donations or pledges on our behalf.

UPDATE 2/24/2017

We have begun work on the home!  Our first task was to throw away all of our belongings that were contaminated with the toxins from the mold.  That was a really hard day!  We have only saved out a few things that are non replaceable like pictures and kids drawings etc. that we hope to be able to scan in one day in the future.  Our grand total including all of the appliances was a whopping 12,740 pounds!  We have also gotten some great help from a group called Gethsemane who did all the heavy lifting and dumping of our things.  Now work has begun on gutting the house.  Our goal is to have this task completed by mid march.  We also have found someone who will come and remove the roof, greenhouse and windows for us and haul that away!  Huge blessing!

Some donations have come in and we are so grateful for this!

Thank you Gethsemane crew!  God bless you!


12,740 pounds.  Weight of all our furniture and possessions for an average family of 4.  It absolutely killed me that we were not able to bless anyone with any of this.  It was also so very hard to see certain things go and be destroyed.  Things my father made us, Things I made myself in woodshop in high school.  A dollhouse my mother made for me when I was a little girl that was passed down to our daughter.  And finally for me anyway, dressers that I had redone that were my mothers sweet 16 present that were passed down to myself than to our daughter.  My husband was sad to see his game room go and all his new furniture and decorations that I put together for him for his birthday just prior to us having to vacate.


Prayer Requests:

Requests from 1/21/2017

  1. Please Pray Specifically for Rebuild Thurston County and Habitat for Humanity to re-evaluate this need and be open to taking on the project, if we can help bridge the gap and fill in the needs they have that are preventing them from being able to help  (lack of supplies, donations and volunteers).
  2. Please Pray For the Building Supply Businesses that I will be submitting letters to requesting their aid in donating building supplies.
  3. Please Pray for our Christian Family, no matter where on the globe they are, that they will be able to come together, help us and glorify God in doing so. 
  4. Please Pray for the Van Winkle family as they prepare to make some hard decisions.  They will be rehoming most of their pets; chickens, quail and rabbits. They will also be getting help soon going through all of their belongings and throwing them away and taking them to the landfill.  This will be a very emotional and hard task from them since they have not accessed their belongings or their house for quite a few months now.
  5. Please pray that the bank will sign off on allowing them to tear the house completely down.  I am hopeful that with enough pledges received they will grant this.
  6. Please pray that we will get our starting goal of at least 50 pledges from organizations, schools, churches and businesses for $1,000 or more from each pledge.  And volunteers to get those pledges going.

Requests from 1/24/2017

  1. Please Pray for Rebuilding Together Thurston County as the board discusses our need over the next couple of days.
  2. Please Pray that the attainment of the right kind of letter(s) to prove to the bank the house is not habitable will come easy and quickly.  Further research has shown that Thurston County does not have any government funding for a department that labels homes as condemned.  So the family is going to attempt to have their doctor write a letter, the mold inspector that came out, their insurance company (even though they won’t be covering the loss) and the only company that Thurston County has called Healthy Homes Program.  It is the closest they can get.  Pray this is enough to satisfy the bank. 

Requests from 1/26/2017

  1. Please Pray that another door opens providing somewhere else to accept donations and pledges on our behalf.  
  2. Please pray we get somewhere with the city and Wells Fargo.  I just don’t understand how they can qualify you for one thing, but yet block you from doing the work needed on the home.  I think they have a communication error they need to work out.  Please pray we can find someone with a legal background that can make some calls on our behalf. 
  3. We are beginning to rehome our animals.  Please pray we find good loving homes for them.  This is really hard and makes going over there several times a day much harder for the kids and myself. We have already lost so much and to now have to lose our pets…well.  Its not fun.

Requests from 2/24/2017

  1. Please continue to pray that another door opens providing somewhere else to accept donations and pledges on our behalf.  
  2. Please pray for some help and more volunteers to help us continue to gut the home.

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